Monday, November 24, 2008



We feel

We hear

The rounded brass movement of bells

The overheard words

The tones of voices letting us imagine

Clapping their lives

Seized as a snapshot

We did not look for

The timbre of such voices

The outlines of their shapes against lit windows

We pass by

As if we were air

We feel the cold, the rain, the snow

We sometimes talk to someone

Sometimes to sometwo

We cry in unison

We feel as if we lived

In a glassed skyscraper

Reflecting sights in

Timeless movements perceived

As glimpses flashing by

We flashing by like them

Seen a little below


A little above

Quick piano notes

Sideways or centered

Daily perspectives

We stand up in front of injustices

Get tangled in senseless discussions

Think of purity where dirt lies

Swirl and sink

Motion is

Our supreme truth

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