Monday, October 13, 2008



You already know me, Character C introduced me. I do not have some functions, that is why I am made also of inflatable plastic. I look forward, as if I was the one to lead, lead what, I cannot say, as I cannot say anything. I/we are of the inferior species. We are talked through, taught through, even walked, sung, danced, seen, any action is performed through. We would be immobile and silent if it was not for the Energy surrounding us, the ropes moving us, the voices speaking through us. We listen to the voices while they speak through us. They sometimes use the female voice, other times the male one, sometimes they give also voices to the doll, she starts speaking, her voice is different every time. We know it is her speaking because we see her mouth moving. “It is her,“ we say, and we agree. We almost never agree, that is one of the few times. And it is such an experience that makes us feel One Being, a big I, brain waves pass undisturbed through our stitched cells, and the corners of our mouths find the same relaxed smiling expression. We are sadder than Character C. Character C can see ahead, we look forward but are plunged in despair. The plastic doll is no help. As much as we need the Voice to talk in order to think, the doll needs our hands and breath and supporting movements to keep us in balance. Our schizophrenia resides in the I and the We, in the My or the Our. We do not know, it is the Voice that decides what and when and which. We feel we are useless and we cannot understand why the Main Fixer decided to assemble us in this way.

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cees de groot said...

hi Anny Ballardini,

i am from Holland/Europe ... and had a vision on character F this last night channeling ...

so i entered a search argument and here i am at your vibration given to character F ...

i sort of framed it in a nice paper to show it for a while ...

i also express my channeled information and will give an entry on that on my blog

mercYbuenO for your expression ... i Honour iT!


"laildess" is the word verificator argument