Tuesday, September 30, 2008


(the monologue will be spoken by the male and female part, one sentence each, or one word each, or one letter each)

I am an hermaphrodite.

Not really. I am half a man, half a woman. The female left hemisphere completes the right male one. Right and left. Does that mean there is a completeness to be found?

Again, not really. The male right side lacks its male left side, as much as the female left side lacks the female right side. Let's say that I am a cracked and glued up character, let's say that my being complete is just some sort of improvised fact, some sort of unbalanced form of pseudo-equilibrium some Fixer used to allow for social stability. It is highly depressing to hear half-people suffering because of their incompleteness, of their half/less-ness. That is why the Main Fixer issued the Lego_Laws or Puzzle_Mixing processes. Refined studies were carried out starting from Piet Mondrian's work. The jointing technique that created the sutured societal structure started wedging pieces with the aim of physical, psychological, intellectual, in other terms: emotional and rational completeness after the radical removal of vital parts of our bodies and brains. Glands (if existing) like the pituitary, amygdale, the pineal were sharply cut into two and sewn to the counterpart's half. The decision was taken to create perfectly functioning bodies, the remaining parts were discarded and thrown away. Some characters embalm them and keep them in shrines at home. Some other times they are recycled and we can find a similar Character but built in the opposite way, for example Character F, my mirroring soul. Since Character C was the first to be born, it is more perfect than Character F, to which an inflatable doll had to be added.

The higher on the social ladder, the better fixes you have. Our Main Fixer counts innumerable origins, his map brain, rather than a Mondrian is more like an Impressionistic painting. Robotized research is frenetically trying to assemble Characters with different cells. We will be able to perform up till now unexplored tasks, feel unthinkable sensations as soon as the SGA (Superior Genetic Assemblage) is set into being.

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